• We audit all kinds of current air conditioning systems existing on the market, including conventional and latest-generation technologies.
  •  Air equipment: UTAs, VAC, VAV, Unizona, Multizona, etc.
  •  Water and combined devices: fan convectors a 2T (with/without cycle inversion) and a 4T, passive and active chilled beams, cooling ceilings, inductors, radiators, radiant panel, etc.4427295_l
  •  Direct expansion equipment: compact, divided, heat pump, VRF, heat recovery, etc.
  •  Cooling generators: chillers and absorption chillers.
  •  Generation of heat: standard boilers, low-temperature boilers and condensing boilers. Renewable energies: solar and photovoltaic thermal systems and micro cogeneration.

We develop the best project, with a detailed analysis of energy consumption, identifying those aspects open to improvement concerning installation, with the objective of maximising performance.

We carry out an economic study to propose the best technical solution with profitable returns on the investment.

We implement the solution at the national and international level, and we take care of all the installation details.