DINSA is one of the first companies in our country to coin the concept of service that allows, in an integrated and personalised manner, a more efficient IT environment for companies and professionals.


It encompasses everything from assets procurement to their technological renewal, including all the lifecycle services associated to products and users, such as:

  • Procurement, provision and implementation.
  • Help desk system (phone support and remote support service).
  • Maintenance service and site support.
  • Hourly and daily basis professional services.
  • Presence training and e-learning.
  • Management of requests (applications, budgets,…). Inventory (hardware, software and licences, reports,…).
  • Waste treatment.
  • Funding of all the projects.

Prominent among the most significant advantages are:

  • Increase of processes efficiency.
  • Skills management.
  • Control, evaluation and improvement of service standards (NSA).
  • Continuous improvement plan to staff, equipment, users and processes.
  • Improvement in budget planning.
  • Incorporation and withdrawal of new service components (modular service).