DINSA está especializada en mejorar la eficiencia en estos servicios utilizando las normativas apropiadas, procesos personalizados, las tecnologías más avanzadas y una política de recursos humanos adaptada a cada necesidad.

girl smiling in call center

DINSA is specialising in efficiency improvement in these services using appropriate standards, personalised processes, the more advanced technologies and a human resources policy tailored to each need.

We have over 10 Service Desks in production; some of them are the most innovative in the country and allow us to manage over 6,000 tickets per day.

Our focus:

  • Provide users with comprehensive support: users “download” their needs on Service Desk.
  • Incorporate a technological basis; we work with the implementation of ITIL methodological processes and we offer help to prepare audits aimed at obtaining the ISO 20000 certification.
  • Provide support by means of ticketing tools, remote control and inventory tools.
  • Enhance response capacity: we are currently solving over 80% of tickets, through our levels 1 and 2.
  • Provide 24X7 multilingual services (Castilian, Catalan, Portuguese and English).
  • Guarantee and offer a quality service: complying with service levels agreements signed with users.