At DINSA we understand the “training” concept as one more element of efficiency that allows us to improve performance and outputs by didactic activities and consulting in skills management.


Although our training offer includes an unlimited number of courses, our experience specially focuses on the following environment:

  • Training in customer’s own business processes.
  • Production, logistics and services processes.
  • Management capacities and sales competencies.
  • Technology management.
  • CAU and user call center.
  • Training in sectoral solutions.
  • Vertical applications.
  • Electronic administration solutions.
  • Enterprise resource planning systems.
  • Specialized solutions by business niche.
  • Training for technological change.
  • Transition to new technological platforms.
  • ITIL, Cobit, ISO 20000,  CMMI certifications.
  • Servers and systems.
  • Networking and security.
  • Software development.
  • Graphic design.
  • Office automation.
  • Interactive TV exploitation systems.